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Why Xiaomi?
– Low Price – Great Specifications
– Premium Hardware and Build Quality
– Great Camera
– The MIUI – Highly Customizable Android Based OS
– Better Reliability
– No Warranty Void on Rooting
– Removable/ No Bloatware

Xiaomi has smartphones in 3 different Series. The flagship MI series, which is the high priced but still not so expensive. The Redmi series, which is budget friendly and most affordable smartphone series and the Redmi Note series, which are big screen smartphones priced in between the MI and Redmi series.

If you are on tight budget, consider buying the Redmi Series phones, which are budget-friendly and carry good specifications.

Redmi Note series is a great choice for those who love bigger screen phones as it usually comes with screen size of around 5.5″. And finally, if you have want a high specced smartphone, MI series is the one that suits you.

Why are Xiaomi devices so cheap? How can Xiaomi sell its smartphones at very lower prices, while other company’s cannot. Because…

Xiaomi sells its product directly to the consumers through Online stores. No Offline stores. No Distributors. No extra costs.

Xiaomi doesn’t spend money on Advertising. They rely on Social Media and a word of mouth from existing happy customers. Have you ever seen a TV ad of Xiaomi This helps Xiaomi save a lot of money and helps sell smartphones at Unbelievably low prices.