Tourney of Legend warriors : Final Battle APK 1

Tourney of Legend warriors : Final Battle APK

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Author: Mikasa Dev
Latest Version: 2.0
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Do you like Legend Warriors Champions fighting game? Do you want to play with the strongest warrior z of the universe ?
Well! Let's play the most fantastic fighting game with all your favorite anime characters : Tournament of Dragon warriors : Final Battle !

In this game you have to unlock all unique anime characters with different combos, special abilities, transformations and super powers.
Unique special abilities for custom characters such as ki ball, energy blast, fireball, chakra shield, ball fire dragon, energy ki z, super ball, power ball dragon shield, explosive kuna and a lot more…

Features :

– Battle 1vs1 , vs cpu, vs team.
– Many mode : survival, versus, arcade, training.
– Many skill with secret combo and super combos
– Easy control.
– incredible graphics, smooth gameplay, impression effects, HD sounds.
– dragon z warrior with transformation
– you can use hidden skill when beat enemies( Kameha, spirit bomb, Kai energy…)
– unique ball combos, abilities and super powers for each character