Run The Music: Running Music By Your Workout Pace APK 1

Run The Music: Running Music By Your Workout Pace APK

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Author: Kalrom Systems LTD
Latest Version: 0.7
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Run The Music is the only running app which actually adjusts the speed of your music by the pace of your run!
Suitable for any moving activity such as running, jogging and even walking or sprinting! Perfect for a stamina aerobic workout.

Apart of it being a really fun aerobic walking & running app with a new motivational factor to race against the music,
with Run The Music you can keep on running in your target speed just by listening to the tempo of your favorite endurance music.

How does it work?

– Step 1: Decide to run with our app & go outside (way to go!)
– Step 2: Hit the big play button.
– Step 3: Select your favorite song from your device.
– Step 4: Set your 'target speed' e.g. : 9km/h
– Step 5: Wait for the GPS signal and hit the play button to GO!
– Step 6: When you're slower than 9km/h (in this example) your music will be played slower, however, try to go faster than your target speed and see how motivated you get 🙂
– At first try to jog along instead of racing, to get that initial connection with your cardio song & gather your stamina.

This running app will keep you on track and significantly upgrade your jogging experience & endurance workout!
You can use it in nature or on track, try it with walking and go ahead and sprint in the middle of the run to make the music shift up its rhythm!

Run The Music might boost your stamina, contribute your endurance & cardiovascular training.

Have a great walk, sprint, jog, cycle or run. May the music be with your feet!