Qibla GPS: Qibla direction with GPS APK 1

Qibla GPS: Qibla direction with GPS APK

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Author: Mazoul dev
Latest Version: 1.5
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Qibla direction GPS allowed Muslims to find the qibla direction anywhere with GPS. an arrow on the map shows the qibla direction in order to make the prayer (salat or namaz) in the right kibla.

Using the compass of your phone the detection of the qibla direction is done without the Internet. the direction of Qibla is of great importance for the salaat of Muslims.

With great precision we head towards the city of Mecca (Ka'abah).

– it allows an exact calculation of the qibla direction with the ability to manually select your location.
– the GPS system allows you to automatically detect your location
– A warning (beep & vibrator) when the direction of qible is well found.
– You can see the qibla direction on the map to verify the accuracy of the application yourself.
– It can be used offline.
– a good prayer compass (boussole priere) theme.

The kibla direction application uses the sensor of your device, so the application performance can be affected if the sensor of your device has a problem or if a source of electromagnetic field and nearby metal objects phone.