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Period Tracker Blossom – Ovulation Calendar APP APK

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Period Tracker Blossom – Ovulation & Fertility Calendar is a completely free period tracker that predicts your period, PMS, keeps track of your menstrual cycle, ovulation calendar, and calculates your probability of conceiving at any day during the month. Blossom is the best women’s health app for you to keep track of all your menstrual cycle changes in a period calendar, including ovulation, fertility, food cravings, emotions, mood, and more. Start using Blossom today to track your period and learn more about how your cycle relates to your health.

– Accurate Period Tracker: A science-based period tracker that tracks your period accurately with the period calendar.
– Ovulation Calendar: Shows your fertility window and the days during your menstrual cycle that are most likely for you to get pregnant.
– Period Symptoms: Log more symptoms to improve the accuracy of the period prediction if you experience irregular periods.
– PMS Tracker: Set PMS reminders to know when to expect PMS symptoms and how long they’re likely to last.
– Period Diary: Keep track of your symptoms, vaginal discharge, mood, sports, sleep, and more.
– Birth Control Tracker: Record your use of sex protection and set reminders for daily birth control pills.
– Pregnancy Planning: Shows the chance of conception and track your pregnancy week by week.

– Blossom learn from your previous period data, and the more you use it, the more accurate it gets.
– Blossom is also perfect for teens who just started menstruating for its simplicity and cute design.
– Set reminders for PMS and be prepared for any PMS symptoms.

– Plan your pregnancy with Blossom to know when you have the most probability of getting pregnant.
– Track your ovulation cycles and view previous ones to better understand your body.
– Track your pregnancy week by week and see countdown to the birth of the baby.

– Track your changes in mood, emotions, cravings, sex drive, and overall wellbeing during your period.
– Keep records of your bleeding type to better understand what is happening in your body.

Download Blossom now to start tracking your menstrual cycle and understanding your body better.