Offroad Farm Animal Truck Driving Game 2018 APK 1

Offroad Farm Animal Truck Driving Game 2018 APK

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Author: Frenzy Games Studio
Latest Version: 1.3
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Do you love driving big trailer trucks to transport farm animals on off-road hill tracks? If yes then become a real truck driver and drive animal cargo truck to rescue from dangerous mountains. In this truck simulation 2019 game you need to pick the farm animals like cow, goat, sheep, ram, horse and bull to deliver them to the fields. In these new animal transport games, become a pro truck driver to transport farm animals by driving trailer truck both on uphill and downhill mountain roads.

Start your driving adventure career as a real trucker to fulfill farm animal transport duty. To become the skilled driver you need to fasten the seat belt of new transporter hauler trailer and provide the best transport service on narrow cliffs. Animal transport truck driving is not easy cargo delivery duty you have to take full responsibility to complete offroad driving missions on bumpy roads. These farm animals are also transported during Eid days.

This offroad transport truck simulator 2019 is fun ride for those who love driving long trucks and big rigs on off-road dangerous tracks. Be the best cargo transporter by driving big euro trucks in USA hill areas.

Gameplay for Offroad Farm Animal Truck Driving Game 2018:
Park the loader trailer truck in the parking area to load the zoo animals on the heavy-duty delivery truck. Once the wild animals get loaded on the cargo trailer vehicle then drive it towards the animal land and drop them to the destination with extreme care. After parking cargo truck, wait till all animals get off from zoo truck safely. During animal cargo transportation missions do not hit the farm animals or the farmer otherwise this new animal transport game will be over. Animal cargo truck transportation missions are challenging and time is short for animal transportation.

Mission Statements for Offroad Farm Animal Truck Driving Game 2018:
– Drive towards the red spot using the minimap to transport black bull
– Pick cow from the farm and drop it to the destination
– Pick goat and transport it to the dairy farm
– Deliver ram to customer's place
– Drop sheep to the ranch
– Bull is wandering in the hills, load it into the truck
– Load the cow into the trailer and supply it to the village
– Carry the goat towards the garden
– Pick sheep from hills and transport it to the green fields
– Pick bull and deliver it to the ranch
– Supply the cow into the dairy farm
– Deliver goat to the customer
– Pick sheep and transport it to the village farm
– Pick a black cow and transport it to the orchard