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Gym Workout Plan for Weight Training APK

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Achieve maximum results with personalized gym workout plan for weight training! 💪🏻

According to your goals and your current strength level, app's intelligent system will select appropriate exercises, weights, reps and sets for your gym training week.

Forget about “8-12 reps is for gaining mass, 15-20 is for losing weight and 1-2 reps is for weight lifting only”.

The training load dynamics is designed to become more and more fit week after week. 6 and 10-weeks gym workout cycles are created beforehand based on big number of relevant and reliable scientific researches in the area of strength training.

✔️There is no need to guess the appropriate weight training mode so you may just focus on doing exercises and get pleasure of the process

✔️ First results appear pretty fast so a motivation grows too

✔️ Strong functionality for weight lifting and strength training

How it works and what is the difference between SmartFit and usual gym log:

1st stage: you choose your main goal (e.g. muscle gain, strength boost or weightloss)

2nd stage: you choose your sub-goal (e.g. development of arms or chest), select exercises and enter your strength parameters for each of them

3rd stage: you get a personalized plan with weights, sets and reps for 1 week. After setting feedback for all the exercises the app will calculate the training load for the next week.

The most popular programs for men:

– Full-body 10 week cycle (4 days a week)
– Bench press strength, 10 week cycle (3 days a week)
– Arms development cycle
– Arnold Full-body

The most popular programs for women:

– Butt development 10 week cycle
– Metabolic Explosion for weightloss (10 week, 3 days a week)
– Balanced fit body (4 days a week)

❗️ Try SmartFit and you'll see how strong and fit you can be using adaptive routines