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Baby Monitor: Video Nanny Cam & Cloud Babysitting APK

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Are you a loving parent looking for a new baby camera for your little ones? Look no further! You have already found a perfectly reliable babysitter. There is no need to spend a bunch of money on expensive standalone devices.

The Baby Monitor is a trustworthy and affordable baby monitoring app helping parents watch their baby in every moment of the day. Babysitting has truly never been easier. You can easily take care of your beloved child with our smart & highly functional baby cam. You can simply change your old phone into one of the two needed devices and take care of your sleeping baby more effectively than ever before.
✓📱 Thanks to Baby Monitor, you can turn your old mobile phone device into a Child Unit and your new mobile into the guarding Parent Unit. Watch your baby from an unlimited number of Parent Units and share the joy with all your loved ones. Video and audio record gives you the real picture of what your baby is up to.

✓ Connecting the devices only takes a few seconds. ⚙️Setting baby cam up is really simple!

✓ You can watch your baby anywhere. Baby Monitor works via WiFi as well as via 3G, 4G, and LTE network 📡.

✓ Thanks to inbounded subscriptions, you can strengthen the connection between the devices and relay sound, picture or play lullabies via special cloud connection ☁️.

✓ You can choose a time period ⏳ of a month, three months, six months or twelve-month auto-renewable subscriptions. It’s up to you how long you need to use our baby monitor.

✓ The app is noise sensitive 🔔. Don’t worry about letting your baby in the cot and going to the kitchen or bathroom. Your mobile alerts you when your baby is awake.

✓ Do you keep forgetting about a battery status 🔋 of the Child Unit? Don’t worry. Baby Monitor keeps tabs on the battery status and alerts you when the battery is running low. 

Baby Monitor is a must for parents looking for a cheap alternative to the classic standalone baby monitors. Try out a free trial and get the first 8 hours of baby monitoring for free. Download the app right now and see for yourself!

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